only time will tell lp

- Random Mixed $22.00 $16.00


Available in a combo with their debut Polemic or individually on random mixed vinyl The vinyl combo of new Contrarian album "Only Time Will Tell" as well as their debut release "Polemic". This is the first time Polemic has been available on vinyl. Purchasing this combo is currently the only way to get the limited colors for both of these albums, and purchasing them as a combo also saves you a few dollars. All orders ship in heavyweight vinyl mailers with the albums outside of the jacket. Only Time Will Tell Pressing Info: (Sourced From a Dedicated Vinyl Master) 200 copies on Pink and Purple Merge 300 copies on Random Mixed Color Polemic Pressing Info: 100 copies on Red and Yellow Merge 200 copies on Random Mixed Color

Contrarian - Only Time Will Tell Lp
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